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Imogen Heap’s music video Me The Machine, showcasing her innovative Mi.Mu musical gloves. (x)

(Source: iconnorpop)

I remember seeing Imogen Heap live in 2010 and after the show I actually met her!  I asked for her autograph and if she could write this for me so I could get it tattooed in her handwriting!  Needless to say I was in the tattoo parlor as soon as I saved enough money. 

Imogen Heap - Google+ - Here's a little something I recorded as a result of the…


Here’s a little something I recorded as a result of the lack of Earth Hour live stream! Slightly awkward as people we were watching but they weren’t ‘yet’ and I got a bit self conscious and couldn’t relax/pretend you weren’t there… even though you weren’t coz it wasn’t live… BUT A n y w a y perhaps interesting to see nonetheless. Love to you all. love, odd Heap. 

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